Mr Blue Edging Equipment from Essilor

Mr Blue is a fully automatic blocker and easy to use touch screen interface, finishing a pair of spectacles to the highest possible standard has never been so easy. Whether it is small shapes, bespoke shapes, high curve sunglasses, rimless or supra’s there really is no job that is beyond the capability of Mr Blue. 

This unique milling function, automatic recognition of rimless holes and high curve trace ability are just a few of the functions that keep at the forfront of edging technology.

Main Features

  • Rimless Glazing – variable angle drilling
  • Optical lens tracing with automatic hole positioning
  • Fully automatic blocking – no focimetry required
  • Supra Grooving
  • Unique lens milling function for total axis control
  • High base wrap glazing
  • Job management with complete integration
  • Remote Maintenance