Ultimate Edition Kappa Auto Edging Equipment from Essilor

The Ultimate Edition Kappa Auto is a revolution in edging technology. The fully automatic focimeter / blocker traces the most shallow frames currently on the market. The unit recognises lens types, and considers dispensing information to rotate the blocking button and block the lens automatically. The internal camera will even take a photograph of your rimless dummy lens so that the holes and slots can be copied exactly. The tracer can store 600 lens shapes and an additional 200 hole co ordinates for rimless.

Main Features:

  • Ultra High precision frame tracing
  • Integrated lens grooving 
  • Integrated lens chamfering
  • Cuts down to 14.5mm depth 
  • Shape modification function
  • Fast Cycle time
  • Colour viewing screens
  • Memory capacity 600 jobs 
  • Cuts all lens materials.