OMEGA Engineering’s 1/16 DIN On-Off LCD Temperature Controllers with Dual Outputs

The CN1A Series is a digital On/Off temperature controller designed to provide the functionality of general purpose PID controllers but at a price suited to On/Off applications. The simple programming with two front panel keys, uncluttered LCD display, and uncomplicated control functions and alarm programming have enabled the CN1A to be widely used in a variety of applications. To add a timer to your panel, the associated PTC-1A is designed to combine a harmonized appearance with simple-to-operate, flexible functions and high reliability.

The CN1A, when combined with the PTC-1A complimentary timer is ideal for frequent user-adjustable applications such as hot foil printing, window sealing and environmental ovens, which often require both temperature and timing control.


  • Dual outputs
  • User selectable input from 4 thermocouple types or RTD Input
  • 10 Programmable alarm options
  • Reverse (heat) or direct (cool) control
  • Power Options: 90 to 260 Vac and 10 to 32 Vac/Vdc
  • Easy 2-button set-up
  • Clear LCD display
  • Panel or socket mount design