OMEGA Engineering's Microprocessor-based PID Controllers

The Industry Leading PLATINUM Series family of microprocessor-based PID controllers offer unparalleled flexibility in process measurement. While extremely powerful and versatile, great care has gone into designing a product that is very easy to set-up and use. The automatic hardware configuration recognition eliminates the need for jumpers and allows the firmware to automatically simplify itself, eliminating all menu options that do not apply to a specific configuration. Offered in 1⁄32, 1⁄16, and 1⁄8 DIN sizes, the 1⁄16 and 1⁄8 DIN models can be configured with dual displays, models are available with single and dual 4 digit displays or single 6 digit display.

Each unit allows the user to select the input type from 9 thermocouple type, Pt RTDs, thermistors, DC voltage, or DC current, and Strain & Bridge inputs. The full bidirectional voltage or current inputs are fully scalable to virtually all engineering units, with a selectable decimal point that is perfect for use with pressure, flow, or other process input.

Up to 6 programmable outputs and additional unique features make the PLATINUM Series "The Most Powerful" product in its class. Some of these additional standard features are: remote setpoint for cascaded control set-ups, high-high/low-low alarm functionality, external latch reset, external ramp and soak program initiation, combination heat/cool control mode, configuration save and transfer, and configuration password protection.


  • Strain & bridge inputs, 6 digit display and upgraded platinum software now available
  • Industry leading performance (20 samples / sec), high accuracy
  • Extremely versatile yet easy and intuitive to use
  • Up to 6 programmable control/alarm/retransmission outputs
  • Full autotune PID with fuzzy logic adaptive control
  • Up to 99 programs with 16 ramps and soaks and chaining
  • No jumpers to set, totally firmware configurable
  • USB communications standard on every model
  • Meter and alarm only versions also available
  • UL and cUL certified