Oscar's Destino Reach Bi-Directional Steerable Guiding Sheath

The Destino™ Reach is the next generation bi-directional steerable guiding sheath, featuring improved deflection, greater support and a low profile that provides ease of access. The Destino™ Reach is the ultimate tool for gaining access to the most difficult to reach sites, while maintaining hemostasis with Oscor SureSeal™ technology. The Destino™ Reach is intended for the introduction and placement of diagnostic and therapeutic devices into the human vasculature, including but not limited to intracardiac, transseptal, and other placements.


  • Ergonomic handle with clear imprint of the curve deflection, french size and sheath length
  • Tip position indicator showing neutral or defected curve
  • Dilator with depth markings for easy identification and placement
  • Dilator cap with French size and guidewire indicator
  • Optimal SureSeal™ hemostatic valve technology to minimize air embolism and blood loss
  • 180˚ bi-directional deflection
  • Smooth tapered sheath tip to dilator transition during transseptal access
  • Soft atraumatic tip
  • Clear view of the distal marker band under fluoroscopy for easy positioning
  • Reliable Flexsteer™ reinforced braid sheath technology provides control and kink resistance