The ECP packed column is based on current state-of-the-art extraction research. The column consists of a packed bed, distributors for the two liquid phases and, optionally, a pulsator.


The special Sulzer extraction packing reduces the back-mixing of the continuous phase, thereby providing nearly plug flow conditions and a narrow droplet size distribution. These ensure the high throughput and high efficiency of your process. To further increase the separation performance, additional dual flow perforated plates can be inserted between the packing elements.

Liquid distributors

In order to create an even liquid flow velocity profile at either end of the packed bed, both liquid phases are distributed over the whole cross sectional area, by suitable distributors. The design of the dispersed phase distributor requires special attention in order to achieve a narrow drop size distribution.

When operated without external energy input (unpulsed), the packed extraction column is a static apparatus without any moving parts.

Main benefits

  • High specific throughput facilitation:
  • Small column diameters
  • Revamp of existing columns to increase capacity
  • Use in cases of difficult physical properties: Low density difference < 50 kg/m3
  • Low interfacial tension: < 2 mN/m
  • Tendency to form emulsions
  • Reliable scale-up