R3630 controller series is based on the C3xxx series measurement system and has the same functionality. This controller also can measure free chlorine. The controller has 3 independent programmable control systems. All inputs, including temperature, can be used as input for the control system. After an unexpected mains interrupt, the controller will automatically continue with it's task.

The system can control up to 4 solid state relay outputs and 2 4-20 mA analog outputs. Various control modes and safety features are provided.

Via a galvanic isolated RS485 interface it's possible to conned up to 31 controllers with a computer. Both software and communication protocol can be downloaded for free from our website.

A pre-programmable alarm function prevents overdosing of chemicals in the process liquid. Each time a pre-set level is exceeded the corresponding relay is closed and an alarm timer starts to count down. When the level is still exceeded after the count down, all relays will be opened and an alarm is given.


Multichannel up to 2 measurements can be performed at the same time and simultaneous or individually displayed on the screen. Measurement speed is 2 Hz.

No Interference between pH/ORP and conductivity electrodes in the same solution Free chlorine control via a double platinum titration electrode.

Custom Calibration Tables allows the user to add complete buffer/standard-temperature relation tables. With this feature the built-in tables can be extended with your own tables. Tables can be entered via a device menu or uploaded from a PC.

LCD Display shows 2 channels at the same time including temperature and date/time.

Stability Indicator algorithm ensures stable reading and visualization of when measurement stabilized.

Selectable Resolution for more stable readings for mV, pH and DO.

Capacitive Compensation eliminates the capacitive component of the electrode and cable at low conductivity measurements. Galvanic isolated RS485 interface eliminates ground loop effects when connected to a PC.

Galvanic Isolated 4..20 mA Analog Output.

Control Types: proportional, on/off

Safety Features:

  • Stop the control (relays off) without stopping the measurements - Automatic resume
  • Washing program
  • Programmable alarm

Preprogrammed Standards

pH: 1.68, 2.00, 4.00, 4.01, 6.87, 7.00, 9.18, 9.21, 10.01, 12.00, 12.45 (at 25 °C)
Conductivity: 1413 pS/cm, 12.88 mS/cm, 111.8 mS/cm (at 25°C)

Free Software downloadable from www.consort.be