VBM offers resuscitators in three different sizes, reusable or for single use and cares for highest quality with a long lifetime.

Silicone Resuscitators - with Barcode and Serial number
The resuscitator bag is from silicone and all valves from high quality polysulfone. This guarantees a long lifetime even after numerous sterilization cycles. The adult size contains a palm holder which allows using the resuscitator with only one hand. Complete sets are supplied with a unique inflatable silicone air cushion mask to fulfill highest demands.

PVC Resuscitator
The resuscitator bag is from PVC and all valves from polycarbonate. The individual components are not glued together and can be disassembled by the user for eventual cleaning. Cost saving alternative to silicone resuscitators.


  • Masks
  • PEEP Valves
  • Resuscitator components are available separately and can be replaced easily