The Rotavapor® R 3 focuses on the basic requirements of classical laboratory applications in education and research alike. It covers the essential functions in a convenient and robust manner without compromising quality or safety - an instrument for gentle evaporation in laboratory applications.

Manual Lift Handler with endstop

Flask can be easily lowered into, or out of the bath with a single hand movement, ensuring fast and reliable operation. The end stop is an additional safety feature to set the lower limit of the flask adjustment. This prevents glask breakings and the overswapping of the heating media by manual operation.

Combi clip

Three functions combined in one tool

  • Clip for fixing the flask against loosening the flask during the rotation.
  • Safe removal of the flask possible.
  • Easy dismantling of the vapour duct to achieve easy maintenance and cleaning of the sealing system no risk of glass breakage.
  • The original combi-clip is designed and patented by BUCHI.

Rotation unit

  • Continuously adjustable rotation speed between 20 and 280 rpm.
  • A rotation speed of 280 rpm offers the possibility for high distillation rate. The mechanical parts of the rotation unit combined with the motor and the drive-belt results in a very smooth and silently operation of the Rotavapor.
  • Adjustable angle of the rotary engine to support different flask sizes and the assembly of bump traps.

Vapor duct

  • The accuracy of the original production process of the vapour duct improves the lifetime of the vacuum seal.
  • The quick disassemble with the combi-clip and manufactured in one piece allows easy cleaning and prevents the sample for cross-contamination.

Vacuum gasket

  • The vacuum seal is made of the original PTFE-rubber composite material. The PTFE coated surface is resistant against all usually used solvents. It is designed for low abrasion of rotating vapour duct
  • Easy to install and disassemble to improve maintenance and cleaning of the sealing.