S Series SIP Fermenter from Solaris

The S series bioreactors / fermenters have been created with the intention to face all the problems related to the scaling-up, from the laboratory to the the productive stage, with maximum easiness. All fermenters/bioreactors of this series are compact and flexible (optionally on wheels) with the possibility to be installed even in limited space places.


  • Culture vessels from 5 to 200 L
  • Instrumentation (sensors inclusive) for control and measurement of pH, Eh, dO2, CO2, RPM, Gas Mixing, Temperature, Antifoam, Feeds, Turbidity, Weight, etc...
  • SCADA Control System.
  • Software management data - trends
  • Designed for microbial and cell fermentation, for batch, fed-batch and continuous processes.
  • Complete range of Accessories
  • Mechanic or magnetic agitation system fitted with a measurement and control system based on a PLC and the SCADA supervisor