The Spero-QT is the next breakthrough in label-free chemical imaging and represents the second generation of high-performance infrared microscopes powered by quantum cascade laser (QCL) technology. The Spero-QT shares the wide-field, high-resolution attributes of its predecessor but has the ability to produce twice the data in 1/10 of the time while achieving unprecedented signal-to-noise levels. Furthermore, the footprint is smaller and the stage travel can now accommodate up to 3 slides. A larger sample compartment area also makes the Spero-QT more compatible with microfluidic devices and accessories.

Visualizing chemistry

Spero is powered by Daylight Solutions’ proven Quantum Cascade Laser (QCL) technology and is designed specifically for mid-infrared spectral imaging analysis. Spero and its software suite, ChemVision™, provide ground-breaking chemical imaging capabilities to users in fields ranging from cancer research and drug discovery to materials research and semiconductor analysis.

Key Benefits of Spero-QT

  1. Fast

    Real-time, high-throughput spectral imaging enabled by ultra-high brightness quantum cascade laser technology.

  2. Label-free

    Infrared spectroscopy let’s you see the pure chemistry of your sample without stains or molecular tags.

  3. Easy-to-use

    Cryogenic cooling is now a thing of the past. No set up required, enabling you more time for analysis.

  4. Tablets and powders

    Real-time monitoring and quantification of API distributions.

  5. Microfluidics

    Video rate imaging of chemical reactions and mixing.