The Stan S31 is fully equipped with all the functions that you expect from a CTG monitor. The Stan S31 comes with a large 15 inch touch color display, a multitude of mounting possibilities for hygiene, ergonomics and ease of use.

In addition, the Stan S31 can be equipped with options such as Stan Viewer Live for remote access via any computer and Stan Viewer for retrospective review and educational purposes.

As a whole, these options and many more make the Stan S31 into something truly cutting edge and unique in the world of obstetric care.


External and internal monitoring of the FHR and uterine activity

Big, easy to clean, color touch screen for convenient review of traces

Multi-lead FECG-FHR recording – the best of two recorded signals is used to present the FHR, the result being a better tracing when it is most needed

Detection of matching heart rates (fetal-fetal and maternal-fetal)

Configurable audible and visual alarms

Compatibility with central monitoring systems