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Industry Focus eBook: Flow Cytometry

Flow Cytometry eBook: Industry Focus

Flow cytometry is a laser-based technique used to detect and analyze the chemical and physical characteristics of cells or particles. It provides rapid multi-parametric analysis of single cells in solution and is widely used to analyze the expression of cell surface and intracellular molecules.

Some of the applications of this technique, includes immunophenotyping, cell sorting, cell cycle analysis, apoptosis measurement, fluorescent intensity analysis, cell proliferation assays, and serological testing.

Industry Focus Flow Cytometry eBook

It is a fast growing market that’s predicted to reach $6.9 Billion by 2027, largely driven by the cancer and HIV/AIDS research. 

Flow Cytometry eBook Articles:

  • The Critical Role of Flow Cytometry in CAR+ T-Cell trials.

  • Applications of Flow Cytometry in Hemtaology.

  • Scientists Develop “Plug and Play” Intracellular Protein Delivery Method.

  • Compensation in Flow Cytometry.

  • Using Flow Cytometry in Combination with Cell Proliferation Assays.

  • Using Flow Cytometry to Understand Physiology of Disease.

  • Flow Cytometry Applications to Dentistry.

  • Applications of Flow Cytometry in Veterinary Science.

  • Applications of Flow Cytometry in Environmental Microbiology.

Industry Focus Flow Cytometry eBook

Flow Cytometry eBook Contents:

  • Top 3 interviews with thought leaders in the Flow Cytometry sector, conducted by our editors.

  • Top 3 Cytometry news pieces written by our scientific collaborators. 

  • Top 3 Flow Cytometry articles taking a deeper look into the industry discoveries and research. 

  • Sources, further reads, and related stories you can find on AZoLifeSciences - The A to Z of Life Sciences

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