Tradeshow Talks with Analytik Jena

TradeShow Talks with Analytik JenaHall A1, Booth 310

Tell us about the company and why you are attending Analytica 2018?

I'm Ulrich Krauss, CEO of Analytik-Jena AG. Analytik-Jena have been around for more than 25 years and Analytica has always been a valueable tradeshow for us, to not only showcase our products and latest innovations, but also to meet our business partners and customers who are important to us.

When you look at the users who come here, there's certainly a centre of gravity with respect to German users because it's easy for them to access, but we also see a number of international users here.

But possibly most importantly, we like to use analytica as an opportunity to meet existing business partners and discuss projects for business development.

What product are you highlighting here at Analytica?

It's quite a number, in fact. We're showcasing our existing products, which have been around for a couple of years, and also highlighting some new products and innovations that we're introducing now here for the first time.

This includes our HPLC coupling with our ICP-MS technology and also our compact elemental analyser, which features a really small footprint and a high degree of ease of use for people in the industrial environment.

We’re also featuring our smart extraction technology for DNA analysis at a different booth in A3. With this product, we highlight an innovation that's quite unique in the industry, that gives even faster DNA extraction and higher yield.

What makes your products stand out in the market?

As a technology company, we would say it's the degree and level of innovation that's largely driven by us listening to our customers and understanding their application needs. It is clearly the quality that they would come to expect from a company like us, but last but not least it's our people.

Our people, your success - that's our slogan for this show, and that's what our customers have fed back to us, that they really like to be associated with us.

What industries can benefit from your products?

We cover a number of industries that benefit from our products, but just to point out a few which are quite important to us: food industries, food applications, the environment, oil and gas, chemistry, but also the life science, the academia and research industries.


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