Hamilton Storage Expands the Verso® Q-Series Automated Sample Storage System Family

The new Verso® Q50 and Verso Q75 Automated Sample Storage Systems from Hamilton Storage offer compact, walkaway sample storage and access to decrease manual labor and increase overall laboratory efficiency.

Image Credit: Hamilton Storage

Much like the ultra-compact Verso Q20 launched in 2020, the high-density Verso Q50 and Verso Q75 Automated Sample Storage Systems are crafted to be conveniently located next to the benchtop. In this manner, users gain rapid and convenient access to samples rather than traveling to locate them in a different room or offsite location. The new models offer up to 4 times more capacity than the Verso Q20 yet are also only 0.8m / 2.7ft deep. The compact footprint facilitates direct installation, even in crowded labs, and sample collections as large as 152,000 type-dependent tubes in ANSI/SLAS compliant racks or up to 1150 ANSI/SLAS compliant microplates may be accommodated.

With a few keystrokes on the user interface, or remotely through any mobile device or laboratory information management system (LIMS), each Verso Q-Series system rapidly fulfills an order. While the system takes over mundane sample picking tasks, users are free to focus attention elsewhere. With grab-and-go convenience in mind, Verso Q-Series systems will arrange samples according to the user’s preferences. Additional features include storage temperatures from ambient to –20 ºC, 1D/2D barcode reading, video monitoring, and sample tracking for use in audit trails.

Verso Q-Series systems use a natural refrigerant with zero ozone depletion potential and a low global warming potential (GWP) index of 3. As such, Verso Q-Series may be a more environmentally friendly option than most freezers using conventional refrigerants. On top of that, Verso Q50 and Verso Q75 are equipped with redundant refrigeration to enhance sample safety in this class of storage systems.

For further hands-free workflow convenience, Verso Q-Series may be integrated with automated liquid handlers from Hamilton Company or third-party robotic providers.

The Verso Q50 and Verso Q75 will debut at the SLAS 2022 International Conference & Exhibition to be held February 7-9, 2022, in Boston, MA. The Verso Q20 will also appear at the conference as well as the Verso Q10 Hotel. The new Verso Q10 Hotel is an ambient hotel for microplates, pipette tip boxes, and tip racks that integrates with Hamilton’s automated liquid handlers or third-party robotic providers to enhance hands-free convenience during long and demanding assays.

About Hamilton Storage:

Hamilton Storage is a global leader in the design and manufacture of automated storage systems for biological and compound samples. By safeguarding the integrity of even the most precious samples, our solutions and expert knowledge empower researchers to reach new heights of laboratory efficiency while remaining focused on life science research. Hamilton Storage is an affiliate entity of Hamilton Company.

For over 60 years, Hamilton has manufactured laboratory automation and measurement systems with an enduring commitment to precision and quality; and has headquarters in Reno, Nevada; Franklin, Massachusetts; Timișoara, Romania; and Bonaduz, Switzerland; along with subsidiary offices throughout the world. Hamilton Company is a privately held company with ISO 9001 certification. For more information on Hamilton Storage, visit www.hamiltoncompany.com/samplestorage.


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