Hamilton unveils next generation of air displacement pipetting technology: ZEUS X1

Hamilton, a leading global manufacturer of precision measurement devices, automated liquid handling workstations, and sample management systems, is excited to announce the release of its latest innovation, ZEUS X1.

Hamilton unveils next generation of air displacement pipetting technology: ZEUS X1

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Designed for seamless OEM integration, ZEUS X1 (Z-Excursion Universal Sampler™ - eXchange Series 1 mL) combines Hamilton's advanced CO-RE®II (compressed O-ring expansion) technology with revolutionary air displacement pipetting technology. This automated pipetting module conquers the challenges of pipetting with various active monitoring and correction methods, ensuring process security from start to finish.

" With the launch of the industry's first single-handed swappable pipette head, Hamilton's Zeus X1 delivers comprehensive downstream maintenance and reduced total cost of ownership without sacrificing exceptional pipetting performance," says Jesse Warnke, Vice President of Laboratory Products at Hamilton.

Air displacement pipetting is a widely used technique that utilizes a piston to aspirate liquid into a disposable tip. As the piston moves up, the air pressure in the tip decreases, allowing the sample to be pushed into the disposable tip by atmospheric pressure. With the introduction of ZEUS X1, Hamilton takes air displacement pipetting to the next level. Unlike traditional liquid-filled air displacement systems, this new device incorporates a solid-state piston, resulting in improved performance and reduced maintenance requirements.

One of the challenges in air displacement pipetting is the compressibility of air, which can affect the accuracy and precision of results. To overcome this, ZEUS X1 is designed to carefully consider and compensate for various liquid characteristics, including density, surface tension, volatility, viscosity, and more. Additionally, it addresses the crucial aspect of aspirating from the liquid surface, ensuring reliable and consistent pipetting.

The ZEUS X1 is equipped with Pressure and Capacitive Liquid Level Detection (pLLD & cLLD), Qualitative Pipetting Monitoring™ (QPM), and Anti-Droplet Control (ADC), ensuring successful tip pickup, ejection, and every step in between. This, combined with the unmatched performance of CO-RE®II technology, makes this device a game-changing addition to the field of air displacement pipetting.

"The ZEUS X1 pipetting channel brings revolutionary functionality and reliability to Hamilton's air displacement pipetting technology platform," says Eddie Guzman, Chief Technology Officer at Hamilton. "Leading-edge electronics, innovative motor technologies, and game-changing design breakthroughs have enabled more reliable and faster performance in a smaller package compared to previous generations of Hamilton air displacement pipetting systems. The ZEUS X1 builds upon the robust foundation of its predecessor, offering an even richer and more powerful command set that unlocks advanced functionality and unparalleled flexibility.”

With our focus on quality and versatility, we are committed to providing our customers with the best solutions for their needs. ZEUS X1 is yet another example of our dedication to continuous improvement and innovation.”

Dara Stroup, Product Manager, Hamilton

Known as a customer-first company, Hamilton's team of liquid handling experts brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the table. With a remarkable track record, Hamilton has consistently delivered high-quality liquid handling solutions like ZEUS X1 to customers worldwide. By partnering with Hamilton, customers gain access to a dedicated team of professionals who understand the intricacies of liquid handling and are committed to providing personalized support from project ideation to launch and beyond.



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