The vivaCT 80 offers the largest field-of-view (80 mm) and the best resolution (5 µm) in its category and is hence the most versatile scanner for the in-vivo X-ray micro computed-tomography imaging of mice, rats, and rabbits.

The vivaCT 80 benefits from a narrow cone beam angle geometry and a mechanically adjustable field-of-view for best image quality at low radiation dose. Fast scan speed at intermediate and lower resolutions is supported by the new scanner mechanics.

The new integrated monitoring and gating system allows flawless animal handling and high throughput. Interchangeable units give the possibility of monitoring multiple animals simultaneously:  while scanning a subject, the next one can be sedated and its temperature and heart rate can be monitored and recorded. The animal is then loaded into the scanner with its dedicated monitoring unit, thus making the whole preparation process more efficient. Observation camera, heating, ambient temperature monitoring, and respiratory gating are also integrated in the system and are controlled from a touch display.