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Automating High-Content Imaging Workflows from System Design to Experiment Execution

Join this new webinar, Automating High-Content Imaging Workflows from System Design to Experiment Execution.

About this webinar:

This event will cover the integration of a high-content imager into a modern laboratory automation system and the ways the workflow was built to utilize it.

The session will describe the integration topology used in the High Throughput Bioscience Center at St Jude and discuss some of the technical challenges that were faced with special attention paid to data handling and analysis.

Using examples of experiment workflows from recent projects, the session will address the variety of ways that Yokogawa's high-content imager was used in the context of a high throughput screening center.

By attending this webinar, you will learn:

  • Key considerations for integrating a high-content imager into a laboratory robot system
  • Methods for interfacing between robots and the imager
  • Important considerations for imaging data management and analysis
  • How the St Jude High Throughput Bioscience Center supports the diverse imaging needs of its projects

About the Speakers:

Duane Currier is the Director of Laboratory Automation for the High Throughput Bioscience and Compound Management Centers, divisions of the Chemical Biology and Therapeutics Department at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. He leads a team of automation technologists that provide comprehensive automation support to drive the operations of these centers.

Though trained as a multidisciplinary biologist, Duane has emerged as a leader in laboratory automation over a nine-year period at St. Jude. During this time, he has enabled large-scale small molecule screening campaigns against numerous targets in a diverse array of assay types. Outcomes from these campaigns have included identification of novel lead compounds, new applications for approved drugs, and novel molecular tools to help advance basic biology.

Who Should Attend this Event:

This webinar is aimed at Laboratory Automation Professionals, High Throughput/High-Content Imaging Users, or anyone interested in highly integrated robot systems that integrate high-content imagers.

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