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GPP and MicroVolume UV/VIS: Skills to Reduce Sample Sizes while Maintaining Accuracy

Watch this webinar on-demand, titled, GPP and MicroVolume UV/VIS, Skills to Reduce Sample Sizes while Maintaining Accuracy.

About this webinar

Micro volume measurements take place at very small pathlengths, typically ≤ 1 mm. Reducing the pathlength has the same effect as diluting the sample for measurement in a conventional instrument. This allows you to save on the sample amount used for UV/VIS spectrophotometry. Due to the small sample size, micro volume measurements are sensitive to air bubbles or bad sample handling. To ensure a robust workflow, measurements require a consistent, low sample amount for precise and repeatable results.

Attend our joint webinar with METTLER TOLEDO and RAININ to learn how you can reduce your sample sizes while maintaining result accuracy.

About the event speakers 

  • Gustavo Chavarria, PhD, Product Manager
  • Alexandra Hellberg, Technology Applications Consultant

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