Sodium Determination in Food and Beverages

Salt is an essential ingredient of processed food. The salt content often needs to be determined as accurately as possible, as salt not only influences the taste, but also health. Certain adverse health effects, from high blood pressure to cardiovascular diseases, are directly linked to a high sodium intake. This webinar details the importance of sodium determination and the different measuring techniques available. Furthermore, the ease of use and precise analysis with the multiple standard addition technique of METTLER TOLEDO's sodium determination devices are pointed out.

This webinar provides useful information, practical tips and hints regarding sodium in food and beverages, while covering the following topics:

  • Conventional Techniques for Sodium Determination
  • Multiple Standard Addition with ISE
  • METTLER TOLEDO's Sodium Analyzer
  • Application Know-how
  • Customer Examples
Webinar: Sodium Determination in Food and Beverages

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