ATC ORION-IM Ion Milling System from AJA International

The ATC ORION-IM ion milling systems are versatile tools that can be built in a wide variety of configurations. Depending on your application, these custom designed systems utilize state of the art substrate holders and ion sources. Chamber sizes vary from 10"-22" in diameter and can also include computer control, load-lock, auto-loading and a 6-position cassette with optional mask exchange. 

The system is equipped with an ICP RF plasma source with ion energies up to 300 eV for low energy milling of substrates up to 150mm in diameter. System also includes a 700 l/s turbopump and substrate holder with simultaneous water cooling, rotation, and 0-80 degree tilting capability.

These systems feature a uniquely designed milling (dry etching) platform which can accommodate samples up to 8” in diameter for a wide range of process applications, from nano pattern delineation to bulk wafer planarization. These substrate holders are designed and manufactured exclusively by AJA and offer numerous desirable features such as cooling, tilting and rotation.