At the forefront of modern dentistry, Lisa fully automatic is a technological masterpiece, integrating on-board computer, traceability system and made-to-measure type B sterilization cycles. 

In addition to the proven Class B cycles and the gentle ECO B function, which protects the instruments, the Lisa autoclave now also comes with the rapid cycle.

The Lisa sterilizer has an integrated and automatic traceability system with user identification and load release option. The double micro-processor technology manages the integrated traceability software which guarantees the speed and efficiency of the sterilization cycles.

Main features:

  • Made-to-measure automatic cycles
  • Integrated and automatic traceability system
  • Integrated memory card
  • Patented water separation and filtering system
  • Automatic Air Detection System
  • Built-in dust filter to the protection of the internal components
  • Programmable delayed cycle start
  • Water quality sensor
  • Sterilization in record time of unpacked instruments with the Lisa rapid cycle