The BB250A Display and Recorder Doppler is regulated by the FDA. They require a physician's approval. The user needs to consult a medical professional before using a BabyBeat fetal Doppler. With the BabyBeat Display/Recorder Doppler there is reassurance of hearing the baby's heartbeat at home.

The true sounds of the baby's heartbeat can be heard as early as 10-12 weeks into pregnancy. With BabyBeat's accurate display, the heartrate is calculated and displayed on the large, easy-to-read screen. With this unit it is not necessary to count the beats per minute.


  • Large, informative display - This BabyBeat fetal Doppler offers a large digital display with accurate heart rate readout. Our display is much larger and easier to read than the competitors units. It also signals remaining battery life and has an extended (50 to 220 beats per minute) heart rate indicator.
  • 3 MHz probe - BabyBeat fetal dopplers use 3 MHz probes, proven to pick up those small fetal heart tones earlier in pregnancy than a 2 MHz probe. Over 90% of OBs, hospitals, and midwives choose 3 MHz over 2 MHz (just ask your doctor what type of probe they use).
  • Built-in recorder - BabyBeat's recording Dopplers are the only Dopplers that let you record your baby's heartbeat by simply pressing a button.
  • Noise reduction - This BabyBeat Doppler features a special audio processor, which removes noise caused by moving the probe across the skin.
  • Superior sound quality - The speakers inside this Doppler are much clearer and much more durable than other Doppler speakers.
  • Comfortable fit - This BabyBeat Doppler comfortably fits in your hand with all functions right at your finger tips. The soft-touch probe has a round, comfortable tip.