BHQTM Probes are traditional, linear, dual-labeled FRET probes with a fluorophore and a quencher covalently linked to the 5’ and 3’ ends, respectively. They are typically 20 to 30 bases in length. The 5' exonuclease activity of Taq polymerase triggers the release of a fluorescent dye upon hybridization of the probe with its complementary sequence, resulting in the cleavage of the dye. BHQ Probes are the best option for locating and measuring the number of specific target sequences.

BHQ™ Probes: Quantification of specific target sequencesKey benefits

  • Unparalleled quality and technical assistance from the BHQ quenchers’ original manufacturer.
  • Full range of fluorescent dyes to ensure optimal compatibility to every channel of your instrument.
  • Simple probe design and implementation, with repeatable and dependable performance.

Image credit: LGC Biosearch Technologies

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Design versatility without performance variability

Biosearch Technologies does not believe in a one-dye-fits-all approach to assay design. Thanks to the large array of dyes they offer, you can develop the ideal PCR or qPCR probe for your application without losing performance. Each dye is carefully paired with the correct BHQ quencher, guaranteeing superior quenching efficiency.

Table 1. Source: Biosearch Technologies

BHQ™ Probes: Quantification of specific target sequences

Which dye is compatible with your instrument?

Use the spectral overlay tool by LGC Biosearch Technologies to find out. 

BHQ ValuMix assays for qPCR and gene expression offer the convenience of having a custom, dual-labeled BHQ probe and primer pair delivered in precise proportions within a single tube at your selected probe-to-primer ratio (between 1:1 to 1:4.5). Order here


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