BagPRESS Bio45P is the new generation blood component extractor providing the automatically-controlled separation of erythrocytes (RCC), buffy-coat (BC), platelet poor plasma (PPP) or platelet rich plasma (PRP) and platelet concentrates.

BagPRESS Bio45P is intended to make the blood centres free to choose their own blood collection strategy either with standard pack configuration or with top & bottom pack configuration. As the separation process is automatic, a single person can operate several machines, simultaneously, the automation of the process also means that the blood components obtained are high quality and standardised.

BagPRESS Bio45P could be built for sealing blood bag tubes a powerful RF-unit makes it suitable both for automatic routine procedures and repeated manual operations, giving a wide and safe seal and the operator can easily pull the tube apart.

BagPRESS Bio45P has:

  • Scales to weight blood components in real time.
  • RS 232 port to be connected to a local network for transferring registration and collection data to a central host computer.
  • RS 232 barcode port for collecting registration data operator id., bag id, etc…
  • LCD display to keep operator informed on machine status.
  • Two password to enter internal procedure data.
  • 14 procedures on default memory, easily changeable