Baha 3 Bone Anchored Hearing Aids from Cochlear

The Cochlear Baha 3 Sound Processor (BP100) delivers 25% improved speech understanding in noise1-6 and is the first direct bone conduction sound processor to include an advanced automatic signal processing system and dedicated amplification strategies. It uses multiple adjustable channels to support more precise fitting and to shape the signal to match your individual hearing loss.

The Baha 3 sound processors contain advanced signal processing features that are designed to deliver a clean signal providing you with effortless listening throughout your day. Speech understanding is vastly improved , making it easier to follow conversations, even in noisy environments.


  • 12 channel sound analysis
  • Wide-band dynamic range compression
  • Automatic adaptive multi-band directional system
  • Automatic noise management
  • Active feedback cancellation
  • Acoustic shock protection
  • Wind noise protection