Blood Bags from Vogt Medical

The blood bags made by Vogt Medical are suitable for blood collection (autologous blood donation) and for storage of various blood products (platelet concentrates).


  • Blood bags are used for the reliable collection, separation, storage and transport of blood
  • Rounded blood bag design prevents blood coagulation and ensures the blood and anti-coagulants are properly mixed during separation and transfusion
  • Built-in ultra-thin wall needle (16G or 17G) ensures optimal comfort for the blood donor
  • Tear-off ports allow easy connection with transfusion sets and facilitate avoiding blood contamination and re-use
  • The product range includes modifications containing an additional small bag with a secure valve for the collection of blood samples using vacutainers and modifications with a soft or hard leukocyte filter, as well as a storage bag for platelets
  • Protective cap reduces the risk of accidental needlestick and contamination
  • High quality labels offer reliability, abrasion resistance, easy to label; handwritten information can be read easily
  • Soft filter can be centrifuged together with the blood bag
  • CPD and CPDA-1 preserves whole blood
  • SAGM enables erythrocytes to be preserved for up to 42 days

Medical grade materials (safety tested)

  • PVC with particularly thin walls for high permeability to oxygen and carbon dioxide
  • All plasticisers are safety tested


  • Polybag/aluminium foil bag/carton


  • Conforms to ISO 3826 standard


  • Steam

Shelf life

  • 3 years