Blood Collection Tubes and Serum Separator Tubes from FL Medical

F.L. Medical blood collection tubes and serum separator tubes are the perfect solution for any laboratory assistant’s needs. As a matter of fact, these test tubes are characterized by such features that make them extremely easy to use: for example, the presence of an arrow to indicate the blood level, the convenience in inserting and removing the stoppers, the correspondence of the colours to the international standards, the presence of a label to write the patient’s details; moreover, the quality of the raw materials, such as the blood collection solutions and the serum separators, guarantee a perfect functioning. Finally, the presence of the lot and expiry date on each end every tube allows a swift traceability.

F.L. Medical offers:

  • EDTA tubes
  • Potassium Fluoride tubes
  • Lithium Heparin tubes
  • Sodium Citrate tubes (Sedi-Rate ESR system, Takives ESR system, Sodium Citrate test tubes)
  • Paediatric tubes
  • Serum separator tubes, gel tubes