BlotGlyco® Beads: Polymer beads are densely covered with hydrazide groups to facilitate glycan capture

  • BlotGlyco® is a sample preparation kit for glycan analysis of biological samples.
  • Using this kit will purify and label glycans from the crude samples such as glycoprotein, serum, cell, organ, plant tissue and so on. The label is selectable depending on detection methods including HPLC, LC-MS, MALDI-TOF MS and so on.
  • BlotGlyco® beads are coated with dense hydrazide functional groups, which enable specific binding with aldehyde groups at the reducing end of glycan. The hydrazide groups on the beads form stable covalent bond with aldehyde; therefore, it allows the vigorous washing steps to eliminate peptide and other impurities.
  • BlotGlyco® kit is a quite useful tool for isolating glycans from the variety of biological samples, selectively and comprehensively.


Sample Preparation for Glycan Analysis

Our sample preperation for glycan analysis is a streamlined process, optimized for screening N-glycan in large sample batches during cell line selection, upstream and downstream process development.

A streamlined process, optimized for screening N-glycans in large sample batches during cell line selection, upstream and downstream process development.

  • Glycosylation analysis of biologics (for research, screening, quality control and production process monitoring)
  • Glycosylation analysis of cells, especially for the differentiation researches of stem cells
  • Combination of glycomics and proteomics (glycans can be analyzed from electrohoresis bands)
  • Glycan biomarker discovery
  • Free oligosaccharide purification and analysis in human milk and urine


  • Purification and labeling are completed in about 5 hours using just one spin tube
  • No special equipment is necessary except a heating block and a small desktop centrifuge. No column chromatography is necessary.
  • Glycans can be purified and labeled from various crude biological samples. Conventional fluorescent labeling reagents (2AB, PA) are applicable. Kit contains a unique labeling reagent for the high sensitive MALDI-TOF MS measurement.
  • By using a 96 well filter plate and a vacuum manifold, as many as 96 samples are processed simultaneously.