Streamlined and Rapid N-Glycan Preparation from IgG

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When Time Matters, Choose Ezglyco™.

HPLC-ready glycan preparation in less than 2 hours, allowing you to purify IgG from cell culture supernatant and release and label N-glycans in one complete kit.

Reliability and Accuracy Delivered.

EZGlyco™ mAb-N Kit with 2-AB streamlined and rapid N-glycan preparation from IgG cell culture supernatant provides unmatched speed, ease of use, and compatibility with HPLC.

Easy to Use and Innovative.

The EZGlyco™ mAb-N Kit with 2-AB is an innovative product that streamlines N-Glycan sample preparation from IgG in cell culture media, such as cell culture supernatant and biological fluids, through accelerated deglycosylation and fluorescent labeling reactions in a single column.