BlotGlyco® O-Glycan Sample Preparation Kit is a streamlined process for releasing and purifying O-glycans for detection by HPLC, LC-MS, MALDI-TOF MS.

  • BlotGlyco® O-Glycan Sample Preparation Kit are used for O-glycan analysis in a broad range of biological samples such as purified glycoproteins and crude samples such as unpurified glycoproteins, serum, urine, cell and tissue lysates and plant extracts.
  • The kit allows flexibility for choice of label* with detection methods including HPLC, LC-MS, MALDI-TOF MS or CE.
  • BlotGlyco® beads are coated with dense hydrazide functional groups, which enable specific binding with aldehyde groups at the reducing end of O-glycan. The hydrazide groups on the beads form stable covalent bond with aldehyde; therefore, it allows the vigorous washing steps to eliminate peptide and other impurities.

*label not included with the kit

MSDS for BlotGlyco® Bead
MSDS for O-Glycan releasing reagent


  • Bioprocessing and biomarker O-glycan analysis.
  • Glycosylation analysis of biologics for research, screening, quality control and production process development and monitoring.
  • O-Glycosylation analysis of biological samples such as mucins in cancer research.


  • BlotGlyco® O-Glycan Sample Preparation Kit contains mild ammonium salt for the releasing reaction, which is a safe and simplified protocal over hydrazinolysis.
  • The kit provides a rapid, reliable and reproducable results for O-glycan sample preparation.
  • Uses simple lab equipment such as SpeedVac, heating block and centrifuge.
  • Contains nontoxic chemicals.