C-DASG-400-50 Dual Adjustable Mega-Gel Electrophoresis System includes dual sided High Throughput unit, 2 ea bar clamps, 2 Gel Wrap gaskets, temperature strips, plate separators, white spring clamps, guide rods and rotating base. Also includes 2ea combs (of your choice), 2 sets glass plates with UV-transparent back plate (with choice of height), 2 sets spacers of your choice. This Dual Adjustable Mega-Gel is designed for high-throughput microsatellite mapping with a capacity of up to 200 samples per run. The glass plate sandwich, 50cm (w) x 22cm (h), includes a low fluorescence back plate, making it ideal for fluorescence-based assays.

This feature allows the bands to be visualized without the time-consuming process of removing the gel from the glass plate sandwich and staining. Alternatively, ethidium bromide is added to the lower reservoir prior to electrophoresis and the low fluorescence glass allows direct UV visualization and photography of the results without gel removal. To maximize throughput, multiple amplification products can be loaded simultaneously or successively in the same well (reference 1, page 1830). To further enhance screening productivity, the system includes two 100 well combs that feature microtitre spacing for multichannel pipettor loading.