MGV-402 Dual Vertical Mini-Gel Electrophoresis System accommodates most commercially available 10cm x 8cm precast gels. Includes safety cover with leads, 2 combs of your choice, 2 glass plate sets, 1 spacer set, 2ea Gel Wrap gaskets for casting

The Dual Systems come complete with:

  • Cooling chamber with coolant recirculation ports
  • Long-lasting silicone gaskets on both sides of unit to prevent buffer leakage during electrophoresis
  • Safety cover with attached power leads
  • 10 molded polypropylene spring clamps
  • Bussed together powere leads
  • Platinum electrodes


Three methods for gel casting:

  • Gel Wrap®: Precision-machined PVC spacers can be used with Gel Wrap® for easy gel sealing.
  • Gel Casting Stand: Two gels can be cast simultaneously using the agarose plug gel casting stand, Cat. # MCS-200. One of two white clamps is fastened onto the aluminum rod to provide vertical support.
  • Multiple Gel Casting Chambers are available for casting either four or ten gels simultaneousl