TWC-202-20 is the Combination Package includes Dual Double-Wide Mini-Vertical System, 20cm(w) x10cm(h) with matching 2-place Blotting System

Doubles capacity of a standard size dual unit, runs the equivalent of 4 standard mini-gels at a time. Double-Wide Mini-Vertical System (Cat. # MGV-202-20) includes: cooling chamber with coolant recirculation ports, platinum electrodes, long-lasting silicone gasket, safety cover with attached retractable sheath power leads, white spring clamps. Accessories include 2 combs of your choice, 2 glass plate sets, 2 spacer sets, 2 Gel Wrap gaskets for casting. Double-Wide Mini-Blotting System (Cat.# EBU-402) includes internal glass cooling base for temperature controlled runs, 2 platinum electrode panels, 1 gel cassette assembly, tubing adapters and safety cover with attached power leads.