Nanopoint's cellTRAY® Imaging System Model CT-2000 offers the most advanced, on-microscope incubator and integrated microfluidics system available for life science research. The system allows experiments to run on an inverted microscope for extended periods of time, enabling time-lapse imaging of live cells over the course of several hours to days.

The system consists of multiple components including:

  • cellTRAY Slide
  • Microfluidics Controller
  • Stage-Mounted Incubator
  • CCD Camera
  • Prior Pro Scan System
  • Desktop computer with pre-installed software
  • Protocols & Warranty

The cellTRAY Model CT-2300 contains 112 wells and the cellTRAY Model CT-2301 contains 1120 wells. Both versions are currently available for use with the CT-2000 Live Cell Imaging System.