Cardy 301/301L Holter ECG Recorder from Suzuken

Cardy 301/301L is a three channel digital Holter ECG recorder for cardiac activity. It assists the diagnosis of cardiac abnormalities and reveals trends or changes in heart function. It Uses compact flash memory card and SD card as storage medium


  • It is as small as a business card and weighs only 72 g for minimum patient fatigue
  • Recording Time Cardy 301 24hrs,Cardy 301L 48hrs 
  • 3 or 2 channel recording can be achieved using different patient cables
  • Physical Activity Intensity Sensor (Accelerometer) helps the diagnosis of Angina pectoris(ischemic heart disease) by synchronizing with the data of HR, ST-trend and Arrhythmia histogram
  • Full time Pacemaker Pulse Detection
  • Sampling rate 10 bit 8 ms
  • Frequency response 0.05-40MHz
  • It is powered by 2AAA batteries