Checkpoint Stimulator/Locator

Recent advances in nerve stimulation technology allow surgeons to practice “neuroprotective and neurorestorative surgery,” employing surgical techniques designed to protect and preserve neuromuscular function during surgery. In 2010, Checkpoint Surgical launched the CHECKPOINT® Stimulator/Locator, the first product in a line of proprietary neuromuscular surgical devices.

The CHECKPOINT® Stimulator/Locator is a state-of-the-art hand-held, intra-operative nerve and muscle stimulator that helps surgeons locate, identify and evaluate motor nerve and muscle function in surgical procedures that require careful and precise soft tissue dissection or nerve exploration or repair.

Designed by a world-class team of surgeons and biomedical engineers, the CHECKPOINT® Stimulator/Locator helps surgeons make “real time” intra-operative decisions with increased confidence.

Given the significant value that CHECKPOINT® delivers to surgeons, hospitals and patients, the CHECKPOINT® Stimulator Locator has demonstrated market acceptance and is used by prominent surgeons in a wide range of surgical procedures at the nation's premier hospitals.