Choledochoscope from Fujifilm

The choledochoscopeis a high-resolution video choledochoscope, which is used for general surgery employs ultra-small, high-density CCD chip.

Fujinon is reknowned for its versatility and advanced technology in all areas of endoscopy. In order to meet the diverse needs of todays healthcare providers, Fujinon has developed a new specialty scope in the field of General Surgery, the EO-270F Video Choledochoscope.

  • The EO-270F is a truly unique endoscope that incorporates a large 2.2mm working channel within a slim 5. 1mm insertion section. The slim size increases maneuverability and allows for easy introduction even through areas with severe strictures.
  • Thanks to an ultra-small, high density CCD chip, the EO-270F enables you to see the highest resolution images. This advancement results in outstandingly crisp images. In addition, the level of observation and overall diagnostic potential has been improved on the video monitor.
  • In order for the endoscope control section to be held more comfortably, a newly designed lightweight control section has been designed. This innovation also lessens hand fatigue during the operation.