Portable, Dual-Laser Flow Cytometry System

As the lowest priced, high performance Flow Cytometer on the market, the CyFlow® Cube 6 is ultra-compact and uniquely designed for all applications in cell analysis and absolute counting. With the CyFlow® Cube 6, accurate and cost-effective flow cytometry is offered by employing 6 optical parameters. Forward Scatter (FSC) and Side Scatter (SSC) work in combination with 4 fluorescence channels (FL1-FL4).


  • High-performance, bench-top design with built-in PC and a 15.4" TFT monitor
  • [email protected] and [email protected] lasers
  • Superior fluorescence sensitivity: ≤ 100 MESF (FITC) | ≤ 50 MESF (PE)
  • Superior nanotechnology: small particle detection < 50 nm
  • Optional CyFlow® Robby autoloader for well plates and tubes
  • Unique price/performance ratio