DIDGET™ blood glucose meter from Bayer is the only meter that plugs into a Nintendo DS or DS™ Lite gaming system to reward kids for consistent testing. Plus, it offers No Coding™ technology, two testing levels and the same easy accuracy as Bayer’s CONTOUR™ blood glucose meter. Because having a meter that motivates kids to test and provides easy accuracy is a simple win.

NOTE: Bayer's DIDGET™ Meter is only available to residents of the US, Croatia, Slovenia, UK and the Republic of Ireland.

Key Features

  • The only blood glucose meter that plugs into Nintendo DS or DS™ Lite* system
  • Awards points for testingT & transfers them to Nintendo DS or DS™ Lite* systems to unlock games or access new levels
  • Allows children to connect to Bayer’s DIDGET™ World Web Community
  • Uses Bayer’s CONTOUR™ technology
    • No Coding™ Technology
    • Minimizes effects of many common interfering substances
    • Automatic control solution marking
  • Designed to grow with children’s ability to manage their diabetes, offering 2 testing levels
  • Supports the need for personalized treatment goals for children
  • Downloads to Bayer’s diabetes management software


  • *Nintendo is sold separately
  • TUp to 4 times a day