DX-D 800 Direct Fluoroscopy System from AGFA Healthcare

The DX-D 800, part of Agfa HealthCare’s family of Direct Radiography (DR) solutions, provides enhanced flexibility in diagnostics through its direct digital dynamic remote-controlled fluoroscopy and radiography system. Using an advanced Flat Panel Detector (FPD), it provides maximum versatility and flexibility.

Its many features improve both workflow and patient comfort, including a video camera to assist in positioning the patient, a Source Image Distance (SID) of up to

180 cm - critical for thorax imaging - and optional full leg/full spine imaging. At the same time, it offers the high quality images and productivity gains expected from all of Agfa HealthCare’s DX-D range - with immediate image availability.

Key benefits:

  • Single touch, remote-controlled user-interface and table auto-positioning, improving workflow and maximizing patient and operator comfort
  • Wide range of fluoroscopy, general radiography and portable applications, including optional full leg/full spine and tomography
  • Automatic processing and instant imaging through single, cost-effective and proven technology detector
  • Dose reduction potential through radiation-free positioning