Digital Dermatoscopy from Optilia

The Optilia digital dermatoscope extensive Kit is state-of-the-art video Dermatoscope system built around Optilia’s renowned portable microscopy platform. This all in one system has a powerful and user-friendly interface for documenting, analyzing and following-up on patient examinations. In addition to user-friendliness, it provides sharp and detailed high resolution images with true color reproduction for accurate examination of key morphological structures of skin lesions. 

The system displays important information and presents a considerable number of additional details of the skin lesions in the deeper levels. The Optilia Digital Dermatoscope extensive kit includes three different magnifications (20x, 30x and 50x) which are easily exchangeable to suit the unique examination. These lenses have polarized light source to cancel out reflections from the skin surface and make subsurface features visible without the use of any liquid interface.