Ear Endoscope from Atmos

Ear endoscope is autoclavable up to 134°C, as well as immersion into disinfection solution. It has high-temperature resistant special glue. The Sapphire lenses are used. Few parts are made up of Stainless steel / special medical plastf.


  • Optical system is with a brighter large-screen optic and with angle view at a very good image quality
  • Latest generation of lenses for a bright image, no „soft-focus effect at the border area.
  • Outer tube is made of special implant steel for a better protection against damage and for more strength
  • Extremely scratch-proof sapphire lenses with a higher service life and less abrasion and better optical attributes
  • Connection to the mobile light source ATMOS LS 21 LED for flexible diagnostics at any location.