Easy-to-use Platinum™ Next-Generation Protein Sequencer

The Platinum Next-Generation Protein Sequencer is a benchtop single-molecule protein sequencing device that is simple to use and accessible. It allows any lab, anywhere, to quickly and effectively gain crucial proteomic insights from the comfort of the lab without the need for specialized knowledge or infrastructure.

The potential of proteomics can now be fully realized in the laboratory. With its first-of-its-kind Platinum benchtop system, protein sequencing is now conveniently available in every lab, wherever in the world. Its simple workflow, compact design, and single-molecule resolution enable probing of protein variations and changes for deeper proteomic insights.

The equipment can identify what is present, not simply what could be present, and how it connects to biological characteristics. This comprehensive solution satisfies all user requirements for library preparation, protein sequencing, and result analysis while integrating easily into the current workflow.

This simple process needs less than three hours of hands-on work. It uses cloud-based, automatic analysis software to give proteoform data without needing specialized bioinformatics knowledge, longer turnaround times, or expensive infrastructure. Protein sequencing using Platinum is as follows:

  • Convenient: The benchtop tool and team-friendly cloud-based analysis software are simple to integrate into everyone’s lab and research efforts.
  • Accessible: Any lab can generate protein sequence and interrogate PTMs and variants using uncomplicated procedures and automated cloud-based analysis software
  • Insight-generating: Sequencing can directly identify single amino acid variations and PTMs, negating the need to buy or make highly specialized affinity reagents that target these changes.