Eclipse 3 Personal Ambulatory Oxygen System from Sequal

The Eclipse 3 has enhanced performance, revolutionary clinical benefits and innovative accessories take the next generation Eclipse to new heights. Its the all-in-one solution for the oxygen business—fulfilling both clinical needs and patient wants. 


  • The Eclipse 3 is a single solution, better for the patients and the business.
  • Offers both continuous flow and pulse dosing options
  • One machine for stationary, ambulatory and travel needs
  • Lower operational costs by reducing monthly deliveries and simplifying inventory management
  • Maximum Medicare reimbursement with two billing codes: E1390 & E1392
  • Longer service intervals with lower maintenance costs
  • The only system on the market that can be upgraded in the field as new technology becomes available

The Eclipse 3, featuring autoSAT Technology, consistently maintains an FiO2 by adjusting to the patient’s respiratory rate.As their rate increases, the autoSAT feature will servo-control the device to automatically increase oxygen output to ensure uninterrupted delivery of the set pulse dose volume. autoSAT provides the patient with unparalleled performance without limiting available oxygen, enabling the system to automatically adjust to increased oxygen demands that often occur as a part of a patient’s everyday life.