FC365 is a robust and collaborative pharmaceutical forecasting system. Produced utilizing familiar functionality for ease of use, the FC365 Application improves decision-making via efficient insight generation and visualization.

Created specifically for New Product Planning or Inline products, J+D facilitates the complicated nature of forecasting with a centralized process in a single, collaborative cloud-based interface.

FC365 is a state-of-the-art support system for informed business decision-making regarding the future. 

FC365 cloud-based pharmaceutical forecasting platform from J+D Forecasting

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What is FC365?


FC365 is a multipurpose, cloud-based forecasting system offering powerful and clear forecasting that makes an impact. Built on the Microsoft technology stack, FC365 integrates smoothly into the user environment with in-built expert insights.

It provides a secure, collaborative platform where local and global teams find synergy. Departments across business functions and countries consolidate thinking by aligning processes for enhanced forecasting accuracy.

FC365 produces captivating visual outputs and elaborate reports which can be tailored and updated in the click of a button.

FC365 - A pharmaceutical forecasting solution

Image Credit: J+D Forecasting

FC365 assists users

  • Unravel elaborate data at the click of a button
  • Collaborate more efficiently with anyone locally or worldwide
  • Visualize scenarios as they unfold
  • Be in control of the data and several forecasts at all times
  • Rapid and seamless forecast analysis using new automated methods

FC365 integrates years of pharmaceutical forecasting knowledge with innovative and established software to produce an intelligent forecasting solution.

FC365 - A pharmaceutical forecasting solution

Image Credit: J+D Forecasting

Why FC365?

Quick and seamless analysis of forecasts

Stakeholders have the potential to remove challenging admin tasks and return to developing the narrative as a result of automated processes and efficient communication within an MS Teams environment.

Excel-based forecast models can be created, and multiple files can be shared, updated, and stored in one place. This ensures a streamlined collation of data, forecasts, and reports.  Forecasting teams can depend on strong systems with dependable outputs.

Enriched collaboration in one shared interface

The solution offers a safe, collaborative environment that helps worldwide teams attain synergy. Departments across business functions and countries merge thinking via process alignment. Teams have the potential to rapidly tap into forecasts and keep up to date with real-time updates from every affiliate country.

Formulate the narrative more quickly

Models are consistently developed in a modular step-by-step method and aligned to best-practice forecasting. Customized to the user's disease and market, they are also intuitive to create and expedite the review and approval process.

The process and model encourage positive conversations, allowing more time to formulate local and global forecast narratives, offering highly informed business direction.

Developed by pharmaceutical forecasting experts

FC365 has been constructed on knowledge and experience to offer a multipurpose forecasting method that works for the user. With decades of experience in bespoke pharma model build, the solution provides users with leverage. Best practice integrated with J+D's prescribed methodology offers precision that can be trusted by the users for smart forecasting outcomes.

Easy configuration and customization gives a truly tailored approach.

SaaS-software as a solution

Simple integration and adoption, and improved stakeholder collaboration. Users can simply work offline and stay connected to the forecasts whilst on the move.

Efficiencies are gained via centralizing forecasting processes and regulating access and data security.

The software provides easy automation, improved ‘self-service’ experience, and end-to-end forecasting process management regulation.

There is an immediate connection between models and analytical reports for real-time forecasting.

Standard reports are developed for Pharma forecasting with custom options.

FC365 Inline

The platform has been developed for on-market brands/products and launch readiness.

The standard functionality included with the software:

  • File management with naming convention and version control
  • Adaptable forecast cycle management – start/stop and archive/restore cycles
  • Clear overview of project insights
  • Model integration options for flexible forecasting
  • Availability of version control elements
  • Model approval process management 
  • Examine forecasts in real-time
  • Edit brand details and view a graphical or tabular summary overview of Brands
  • Options for standard and custom reports with instant updates
  • Potential to work online or offline
  • Simple scenario exploration with analysis visualization
  • User access level control


The platform has been built for new product development and external opportunity assessment.

The software includes the following standard functionality:

  • Opportunity management – add new, then edit, archive/restore, search, filter, and sort
  • Model approval process management 
  • Action list –  actions linked to the stage with approve/reject notification
  • Simple scenario exploration with analysis visualization
  • Multiple model integration options
  • Provided with version control elements
  • File management – flexibility to name, upload, and regulate access
  • Users can explore forecasts in real-time
  • Model tagging for simple searching and access
  • Multiple standard and custom visualization reports
  • User access management
  • Potential to work online or offline
  • Centralized forecasting for multiple stakeholder collaboration



FC365 - A pharmaceutical forecasting solution

Image Credit: J+D Forecasting

FC365 example visualization reports

Forecast consolidation

FC365 - A pharmaceutical forecasting solution

Image Credit: J+D Forecasting

  • Choose any combination of countries to create a regional view. 
  • Drill into the data to disclose key drivers.
  • Effective consolidation of forecast models and analysis of outcomes, such as individual country analysis. 
  • Filter by model/time or product, or choose the individual country to examine that forecast in more detail. 

Compare forecasts

FC365 - A pharmaceutical forecasting solution

Image Credit: J+D Forecasting

  • Choose several forecasts or scenarios and compare all measures that have been covered on the consolidation page. 
  • Custom report option produces actuals, target, and forecast data in one report, enabling performance analysis.
  • Filter via clusters, countries, and brands to examine the performance versus forecast metrics.
  • Scenarios, countries, and earlier forecasts can be compared.
  • View charts and visuals for the main volume and revenue metrics that are common throughout the models, actual, and target data.

Event impact analysis

FC365 - A pharmaceutical forecasting solution

Image Credit: J+D Forecasting 

  • Utilized to gain knowledge into the impact of events at the market-, brand-, and event-level, without needing to access the model(s).
  • Potential to filter by model/time/event/product.
  • Separate particular events and determine their impact, benefitting knowledge of event forecast drivers.
  • Easily explore the individual impact of every event.
  • View particular analyses and visualization to display the effect of the events at a total level.

Event driver analysis

FC365 - A pharmaceutical forecasting solution

Image Credit: J+D Forecasting

  • Gain information on particular events that are driving the forecast.
  • Drill into the data to unravel main drivers.
  • Comprehend the events that are driving the forecast and then make a country comparison.

From J+D Forecasting, for all your pharma forecasting needs. 

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