AutoGen’s FLEX STAR Plus with automated liquid handling provides full automation of DNA extraction from large volumes of whole blood. From sample handling to DNA transfer, the combination of the FLEX STAR’s proven reliability, flexibility and hands-off operation and the addition of Perkin Elmer’s Janus Liquid Handler, makes it a totally automated solution. Integrated sample mapping and tracking software interfaces with your existing LIMS system to complete the package.

How It Works

  • Barcoded primary sample tubes are loaded onto the Janus deck. The system then scans the bar codes and creates a map for transferring the samples to the AutoGen Racks.
  • The filled sample racks are transferred to the FLEX STAR for DNA extraction and resuspension. The extracted DNA solution is moved into a barcoded Matrix storage tube, which can easily go directly to your biorepository.

Benefits of the FLEX STAR PLUS

The dependable design of the FLEX STAR includes:

  • The FLEX STAR PLUS’s fully automated sample handling frees up technicians to do other tasks and drastically reduces potential error in sample handling.
  • The main benefit of the FLEX STAR PLUS is consistency. Sample to sample, run to run, your DNA yields will be more predictable and your DNA solutions will go into the freezer all at the same volume.