Fractiomatic® Plus 2 Automated Blood Component Separator from GRIFOLS

Fractiomatic® Plus 2 is an automatic blood component separator with infrared detection sensor, automatic sealing heads, weighing of components and computerized data processing.

Versatile and flexible

  • Different programs for any blood bank fractionation procedure.
  • Compatible with any standard blood bag model: standard or with in-line filter, Top & Top or Top & Bottom
  • Repetitive process thereby guaranteeing standardization of the final product.


  • Includes flow regulator and 5 adjustable automatic sealing heads.
  • The speed, position and strength of the electronic press is totally adjustable.
  • Up to 5 scales for weighing ALL the collected blood components.
  • High yield of each component, thanks to the optic sensor which is automatically readjusted for each bag.
  • Minimum separation time for blood components.
  • Does not require air compressors.
  • Control of addition of SAG-M to main bag.

Connection to computing systems

  • Can store and transfer results from each fractionation process.
  • Can transmit data to the blood bank‘s computing system.


  • Main bag is contained inside for greater safety.
  • Acoustic and visual alarm for in-process control.
  • Bags are identified with a bar code reader.