Cubic Sensor’s Gasboard-8500FS-X200 is a sensor solution specially developed to quantify flow rate, temperature, humidity and oxygen concentration. The ultrasonic technology enables 4-in-1 combined sensor operation. The instrument is suitable in binary gases for medical ventilators, assisting in the global pandemic that has resulted from the COVID-19 outbreak.

The Gasboard-8500FS-X200 has a flow rate in the range of 240 L/minute. The system has been designed to have ultrasonic technology as well as TOF (time of flight) measurement. The system delivers remarkable performance such as a quick response, no drift, high precision, no routine calibration, maintenance-free operation and more.

The Gasboard-8500FS-X200 can be extensively employed in high-flow nasal cannula oxygen therapy ventilation, anesthetic ventilator, positive airway pressure ventilation and medical equipment related to breathing.


  • Designed on the principle of TOF (time of flight) measurement and capable of executing continuous monitoring with no routine calibration, drift or maintenance
  • Remarkable stability, high precision and quick response
  • Works on ultrasonic measurement technology for both oxygen concentration and flow rate ranging up to 240 L
  • Full-scale matrix temperature and humidity compensation available
  • Compact size facilitates flexible installation
  • Has no consuming parts and delivers long-life performance
  • Exhibits high performance-to-cost ratio


Source: Cubic Sensor and Instrument Co. Ltd

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Detect Principle Ultrasonic Technology
Detection Range O2 Concentration: 0~100%
O2 Flow Rate: 0-240 slm
Detection Accuracy O2 Concentration: ±3% FS
O2 Flow Rate: ±0.2 slm @ <10 slm;
±2.5% @ <60 slm;
±3.5% @ <150 slm;
±4.5% @ <240 slm;
Resolution O2 Concentration: 0.1%;
O2 Flow Rate: 0.1 L/min
Response Time 10 ms
Communication Interface UART_TTL (3.3 V)/ Analog output
Work Conditions 5~60 ℃; 0~95% RH (Non-condensing)
Storage Conditions -20~60 ℃; 0~95% RH (Non-condensing)
Work Voltage DC 4.75-12.6 V, Ripple Wave ≤50 mV
Life Span ≥5 Years


Gasboard-8500FS-X200 is an OEM/ODM-based solution.


Medical and health

Gasboard-8500FS-X200 ultrasonic technology

Image Credit: Cubic Sensor and Instrument Co. Ltd


Gasboard-8500FS-X200 ultrasonic technology

Image Credit: Cubic Sensor and Instrument Co. Ltd