Bruker’s NanoRacer system has been developed for use with miniature cantilevers and offers an excellent speed of 50 frames/second in fluids with 10k pixels and a scan range of 100 x 100 nm.

The NanoRacer system, fitted with the latest XYZ flexure scanner architecture, photothermal cantilever excitation and the lowest noise positioning sensors in every axis, sets a new standard for high end research AFM capabilities.

The highest resolution, lowest forces and utmost stability make the NanoRacer system a powerhouse for sophisticated discoveries and applications on the molecular scale.

The new NanoRacer system integrates the intuitive software user interface and the high performance Vortis™ 2 controller from JPK that ensure excellent, user-friendly operation.

The NanoRacer system has fully automated setup capabilities that enable scientists to focus on their experiments; hence, it is the ideal system for imaging facilities and multi-user environments.

  • Enzyme activity monitoring
  • Dynamics in 2D protein assemblies
  • Single-molecule binding behavior
  • Protein-protein interactions
  • DNA origami assembly
  • Assembly and disassembly processes of protein structures
  • Dynamics of motor protein and membrane trafficking
  • Morphology and dynamics of bacteria and viruses